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2018-2019 Oakville Venom REP Teams

Tryouts are about to start, teams will be picked are you ready!! :)  GO VENOM!!
Click her for try-out schedule

Oakville Venom

2018-19 Oakville VENOM REP Teams: 

Club Head Coach: Toney McNeil (assisting all team coaches)

U14 Major Bantam Girls - Coach 

U13 Bantam Girls - Coach 

U12 Major Atom Girls - Coach

U11 Atom Girls - Coach 

U10 Novice Girls - Coach

U16 Maj. Midget Girls - Coach 

U19 Juvenile - Coach

 U15 Midget Girls –   Coach  

U10 Novice Boys –  Coach 

U11 Atom Boys –  Coach 

U12 Major Atom Boys –  Coach 

U13 Bantam Boys –  Coach 

U14 Major Bantam Boys –  Coach 

U15 Midget Boys –  Coach  

U16 Major Midget Boys –  Coach 

U19 Juvenile & Junior Mens –  Coach 

To contact one of our teams, kindly email us at admin@oakvillebasketball.com.



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