Fun for Kids at an After School Program in Oakville, ON

The most effective way to keep young people happy and engaged is to encourage them to stay busy with something fun. Basketball fills that need very nicely. It’s a great way for children to learn new skills, make friends, and get exercise. They can do all of this and have a blast at the after-school program in Oakville, ON, offered at Oakville Basketball Club Inc.

Basketball Busy

As a parent, you need to know that your children are safe and secure once they leave school. It provides you with peace of mind and confidence when you can sign them up for a program which assures they are cared for and kept active. Screen time isn’t on the agenda at our program. Instead, we use the wonderful game of basketball as a foundation for keeping our participants busy and on the move.

One Program, Many Skills

We have a range of after-school activities for kids that provide many dividends. Not only do our participants learn about the game of basketball and develop new skills. They get exercise while learning the value of teamwork and making the most out of their abilities. All of this is experienced in a setting that values fun as the key component because basketball is a game, and games are all about having fun.

An Approach Which Matches the Skills of the Player

Kids who are new to the sport will learn basketball skills in a relaxed atmosphere that takes a fun and casual approach to learning the game. We aren’t sticklers for rules with beginners because they have enough on their minds just learning the skills. The rules can come later. We realize that after-school sports are quite a big step away from playing for the Raptors, so fun and learning the game are our goals. 

Experienced players will benefit by getting their hands on the ball and spending time on the court, which allows them to refine their skills under the watchful eyes of qualified coaches.

A Positive Foundation

Our after-school basketball camps provide a positive basis for those who are interested in going farther with the game. That’s why we aim to lay a solid groundwork and a good grasp of the fundamentals. If children who attend one of our programs wish to pursue the game further, we offer a range of other camps, programs, and leagues which cater to players of all skill levels. 

Contact us learn more about our programs and camps. We proudly serve new and experienced basketball players in Oakville, ON, and the surrounding area.


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Our Mission

To build an enriching setting for youth, using basketball as a vehicle to inspire them to fulfill their academic, physical, and personal potential.

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