2022 SUMMER Microballers 

At an early age, players begin to learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball in a fun environment. Through fun games and interaction with others, we introduce our young athletes to passing, shooting, and dribbling. Players scrimmage with little emphasis given to the rules of the game (traveling, double-dribbling, etc.). Our Microballers program focuses on developing physical literacy, introducing the necessary skills to advance in the game of basketball, and fostering a love and passion for the game.  

**Beginner Level Program**

**For Ages 5-12**

micro ballers

VERY IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with registration, you are required by Rowan’s Law to review both Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources and Oakville Basketball Club Inc.’s Concussion Code of Conduct. Please click on the buttons below in order to do so.

Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources 

Oakville Basketball Club, Inc.’s Concussion Code of Conduct  

NOTE: A Confirmation email will be sent to you once the online registration has been successfully completed. A second email will be sent to you one week (or thereabout) prior to the program start date, serving as a reminder and providing details.

Safety is our top priority. The Summer Microballers sports training program is designed to teach children the fundamentals of basketball at a pace and intensity that is comfortable for most participants in their respective age groups. Our camp counselors are trained to supervise children and promote an environment that encourages fair play.

Our sports camp is divided according to age group, which encourages socialization and fair play amongst participants. Training camps take place throughout the summer. Since space is limited, we highly recommend that you sign up and reserve your child’s spot as quickly as possible.


DATES: July 5th - August 30th, 2022  (9 weeks)
DAY: Tuesdays
TIME: 5:30-6:30pm (ages 5 to 8) OR 6:30-7:30pm (ages 9 to 12)
LOCATION: Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (2302 Bridge Road, Oakville)
COST: $200 

MICROBALLERS 1 (ages 5-6)  

MICROBALLERS 2 (ages 7-8)  

PRE-NOVICE (ages 9-10)

READY TO PLAY (ages 11-12)  

email admin@oakvillebasketball.com for more information


DATES: July 6th - August 31st, 2022 (9 weeks)

DAY: Wednesdy
TIME:  6-7pm (ages 5 to 12)
LOCATION: Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (2302 Bridge Road, Oakville)
COST: $200

MICROBALLERS #1(ages 5-6)

MICROBALLERS #2(ages 7-8)

PRE-NOVICE(ages 9-10)

READY TO PLAY(ages 11-12)

email admin@oakvillebasketball.com for more information

DATES:  July 7th - September 1st, 2022 (9 weeks)

TIME: 5-6pm (ages 5 to 8) OR 6-7pm (ages 9 to 12)
LOCATION: Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (2302 Bridge Road, Oakville)
COST: $200

MICROBALLERS #1 (ages 5-6)  

MICROBALLERS #2 (ages 7-8)  

PRE-NOVICE (ages 9-10) 

READY TO PLAY (ages 11-12) 

email admin@oakvillebasketball.com for more information

After your child finishes the Summer Microballers Program, they may want to refine their skills and get deeper into basketball. If your child has a competitive spirit and wants to meet like-minded peers, we encourage them to join one of our in-house leagues. We offer a variety of programs for beginners and advanced players. We have sports leagues active throughout the year for participants ages 5-18.

Contact us to learn more about our Summer Microballers sports camp. We provide fun-filled activities for children throughout Oakville, ON.


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(905) 469-1855

Our Mission

To build an enriching setting for youth, using basketball as a vehicle to inspire them to fulfill their academic, physical, and personal potential.

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