Learn the essential skills needed to succeed on the court at Oakville Basketball Club, Inc.   We offer basketball programs for youth ages 5-18 (of all skill levels).  Whether you are brand new to the game or an experienced athlete looking to elevate your game, we have a program for you!  Our programs run year round and our Team is committed to helping our young athletes learn the game and develop their skills, in an encouraging, fun and positive enivronment!  

***Our Programs have been modified to comply with Government of Ontario Covid 19 directives/guidelines, Stage 3.  Subject to change.  

***The safety of our athletes, familes, coaches/staff, and the community remain our number one priorty!

***Thank you for your continued support and understanding!  It is sincerely appreciated!


Our Skill League is for boys and girls of all skill levels (ages 7-18) who want to learn the game of basketball and develop their skills. Players will learn the fundamentals of passing, shooting, and ball handling, all in a fun and positive environment. Our young players enjoy a season of exciting competition and dedicated skill development, while staying active and healthy!  Competitive Team Play Drills (I.e., teams compete against each other through non-contact competitive drills), 1x45 min Team skills Development  and 1x45 min Team skills Competition.  

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**Beginner to Intermediate Level 

At an early age, players begin to learn the fundamentals of the game of Basketball, in a fun and positive environment. Through fun games, we introduce our young players to the essential skills of passing, shooting and dribbling. Our Microballers program focuses on developing physical literacy, introducing the necessary skills to advance in the game of basketball, and fostering a love and passion for the game.  

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Our coaches come to your home court to provide 1 0n 1/small group socially distanced training. the low coach to player ratio allows more focus to hone their current skills and add more dimensions to their game. In this setting players will be doing a one-hour session at a high intensity. Session will include basketball specific drills as well as general strength and fitness exercise.

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 **Intermediate to Advanced Level 

The PREP FOR REP CAMP is an elite development camp. This camp is designed to prepare the Rep level athlete for tryouts (Rep or school team). We will teach key skills and begin the physical preparation for the upcoming rep and school season. The camp begins with individual skill development and builds to team sets.

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*program has been modified and rescheduled due to Covid 19          

Players in this program will receive physical development training as well as high-level basketball-specific skill development. The objective is to build athletic capacity, to add and refine fundamental as well as advanced basketball skills. Through interactive drills, challenges, and exercises athletes are encouraged to work hard in order to achieve their individual goals.  *Subject to change

The program is geared towards REP Players/Athletes aspiring to play REP/try out school team. It will be intense. It will be demand hard work and dedication. It is the program need to elevate/enhance your game.

**For more info and/or to register, please email admin@oakvillebasketball.com 

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**Intermediate to Advanced Level

This program will help players understand correct decisions to make while moving at high speeds/tempos during game situations. Transition basketball is a fast paced portion of the game where players will practice proper spacing along with how to read and make the most of the advantage created by the offense. Transition defense will also be taught in this program to help players in a disadvantaged situation on the court be able to slow down or stop the attacking players. Each training session will include defense, agility and/or strength and conditioning exercises to help build these athletes. 

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Our Mission

To build an enriching setting for youth, using basketball as a vehicle to inspire them to fulfill their academic, physical, and personal potential.

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